I tried the Fiski Hunter and am supper dooper excited!!!! I swam 2.2km in the Murray river today and am can report that the Hunter, fits like the old zoggs predator, didn’t leak or fog, didn’t give me owl eyes and are so super comfortable, I didn’t have to adjust them during the swim. 😎
"Your FISKI goggles are the best ever! I went swimming in the ocean yesterday and FISKI’s were amazing. So comfy and the tinting is so perfect. Well done, I’ll be back to buy more please."
Let me tell you both boys LOVED Fiski goggles, simply the best!  And we have tried so many, as I am sure you have too. Thank you for your ingenious creation.  He actually wore his for the whole lesson – which is a first!
I bought some Bumblebee goggles for my 25km solos and I'm so upset because they came off my kayak in the terrible conditions, I absolutely loved them!

My kids have gone through so many different brands of goggles but still not happy with comfort or leakage issues UNTIL now with FISKI. Ticks all the boxes and if they could sleep in them they would!! Strongly suggest ordering a reserve pair so you don't have to go with ever again.
What a great product you have, now my goggles of choice. Awesome. Didn't leak once on the 20km swim to Rotto on Good Friday or the 20km Lake Argyle swim. Just love them.

Just wanted to say...BEST GOGGLES I have ever owned! Thank you!
We love our Fiskis - the rest of the family want more! I swear this was the number one reason Kirsty got back into the pool after having our third child.  Having borrowed my pair, she wanted her own. They’re really comfortable, a really good fit and don’t fog up.  We like the look of them too. Please keep them coming!
They're definitely the best goggles I've ever used. Incredible design"
The three girls and I love our FISKI goggles. Equally as good in pool and the ocean.
FISKI goggles are the best we've had. They don't leak at all

Fiski's are the best, our whole family loves them

Excellent product. I use these for bodysurfing in the mornings when the sun is low and punishing on the eyes. Trying to find a pair of glasses or goggles that stay on and don’t fog up is near impossible. Equally in the bright sunrise and glare these are just like wearing sunglasses.
These are surprisingly good at not fogging, remain comfortable after an hour or so and with the soft straps, remain on my head after getting dumped in whitewash. 
Good product, fair price, highly effective.


Love my zebras in the ocean... never thought I'd say that sentence